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Hi! I’m Karla K

I honestly can’t remember when I was not singing.  As a flood city kid in grade school I use to love doing shows at the local alliance club. In high school , I participated in the Junior Miss pageant at 17 and will never forget that standing ovation for my performance of the song “Everything “ from the movie a Star is Born and the way it made me feel. 

After receiving the top solo award at graduation I moved on to Penn State where I performed in the local coffee house to make money towards my Nursing Degree. Unfortunately, I was not encouraged to pursue a music career as my dad was strict and old fashioned and  would not allow it.

Through the years, I have had the pleasure of being a non-equity performer in many settings.  In between my full time nursing career, I managed to become a lead soloist for a band called Xpress in Cleveland OH performing all types of music for all types of venues. You know… those 100,000 dollar weddings many dream about but can’t afford. 

I operated  a mobile musical troupe, was actor, director, and producer of various musical theatre productions in churches and local community theaters  securing lead roles in such musical productions as “The Music Man” “Hello Dolly”, “Grease” ,“Funtasia”, “Broadway in Review”, “The Wiz”, “Snow White”, and “Jekyl and Hyde” to name a few.

I even wrote and performed a song for a major pharmaceutical company at one of their national sales meetings. Whew! 

As you can see…my love for music and the fine arts has never faded and Yes…It’s been a pretty good run so far but to me it’s just the beginning.

Please join me as I continue this journey and lifelong dream of bringing Sweet Harmony into your soul!!!  

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