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Can’t get enough of this luxuriously rich chocolate lover’s dream – it begins with a luscious dark chocolate cake filled with 3 layers of light chocolate mousse – it’s frosted in our delicious chocolate buttercream icing then dredged in dark chocolate ganache and finished with delightful cocoa crumbles.

My absolute favorite…a combination of our fluffy white cake with alternating layers of the finest raspberry marmalade and bavarian cream – a superb  blend of sweet and tangy finished with our smooth vanilla buttercream and white chocolate shavings – it’s tantalizing to the tongue.

Tickle your tastebuds with this most refreshing and zesty treat… made with sweet cream and lemon filling – you’ll revel in 4 layers of pure lemon heaven and if that’s not enough it’s finished with our lemon flavored vanilla buttercream and garnished in fresh lemon peel.

Indulge in this “southern” chocolate favorite – begins with 4 layers of our red velvet cake blended with rich buttermilk then frosted with our lusciously light vanilla buttercream . 

Enjoy this fragrant pastry made with a bit of sugar and spice and everything nice including our delectable vanilla buttercream icing sprinkled with our homemade streusel topping.

Not your ordinary brownie cake… this sinful combination of triple chocolate cake folded with creamy caramel is deliciously moist – it’s frosted in our chocolate buttercream, sprinkled with our salted caramel crumbles then drizzled in a duo of lightly salted caramel and hot fudge.

This notoriously decadent 5 star sweet is prepared with a special blend of spices and freshly grated carrots, ginger and walnuts layered, then smothered in our scrumptious made from scratch cream cheese frosting.

You’ll go bananas, go, go bananas over this delicate yellow cake sandwiched between multiple layers of  banana bavarian cream – it’s covered in our home-made butter cream frosting drizzled in hot fudge.